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GAFAM Q2 2021 Net Income and Total Revenue

Apparently, consumerism is still pretty much on the rise. The entire GAFAM group, namely Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, saw revenue and profits surge in Q2, as “Big Tech” continues to profit from the pandemic’s stimulating effect on online advertising, e-commerce and consumer spending.

GAFAM Q2 2021 Net Income
Source: Statista
GAFAM Q2 2021 Total Revenue
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30 countries before I’m 30

I know this is a ridiculous challenge. But let’s talk about it.

The day I’m writing this I’m at a point with 13 countries visited. So, I have 17 countries yet to visit. And today I’m 27 years 4 months old. It leaves me with 32 months left. If we divide 32 months by 17 countries I’ll have to visit almost two countries each month in order to complete the challenge. It’s a lot, especially taking into account that the pandemic is not over yet.

I have some ideas on how to combine several countries within a single trip. I’m grouping countries by geography and based on my personal preference. The main precondition here is that all the borders are open, and I have enough money to travel this much.

1 – Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki)
2 – Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Vienna)
3 – Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg
4 – Switzerland (Zurich), Liechtenstein (Vaduz)
5 – Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade)
6 – Turkey (Istanbul), Greece (Athens)
7 – Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon)

The last trip is a bit strange because the countries are far from each other. I can’t miss them though.

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Some of my ground rules for the time being:

– no alcohol
– stick to a strict diet, i.e. no sweet, spicy, roasted, fatty food, sodas, pickles, marinades, snacks, sausages, milk, pastries
– no fap
– regular exercise
– love yourself
– no cigarettes
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These days I’ve been watching the fourth season of Atypical. Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, decided to follow his passion and go to Antarctica. Surely, it seems like a completely insane idea for a 18-year-old guy with a such diagnosis and an empty wallet. Nevertheless, the very fact of being truly open about it and believing in what’s yours helps him so much. What caught my attention is how important it is to be just that–a naive, honest kid dreaming big and hoping for the best. All it takes here is a bit of courage to make a leap.

Atypical Sam Gardner
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Positive Thinking

It feels like I’m having some unpleasant consequences of a non-positive attitude in life. This thought has been growing over the past several years.

This week I had a follow-up call after my job interview. The words which are now really stuck in my mind are the following:

I wish you were less concentrated on the things which can’t be done. It would be great if you told me more of the steps which are doable.

I didn’t get the job as you might imagine. I don’t know if this was the actual reason for it, but anyway the lack of positive thinking has been surfaced once again. And I don’t like it at all. So, there is a room for improvement.

This is just a part of the problem, obviously. My attitude and general life philosophy are usually biased towards saying, “Hey, there are lots of problems. It’s super complicated and hard, and bad results are pretty inevitable”. Then I’m just wasting a lot of my energy on trying to grasp and digest the negative stuff to its full extent. In the end, of course, there’s no energy for actually getting things done right, the way I want them to be.

I can observe a very similar issue in some of my close friends, too. Most probably, this is the reason why we are such good friends. We’re alike here.

As for now, I don’t have a vision of the concrete way to solve this problem in the long-term. I simply needed to materialize this thinking here, at least in the text format. More to come.

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