30 countries before I’m 30

I know this is a ridiculous challenge. But let’s talk about it.

The day I’m writing this I’m at a point with 13 countries visited. So, I have 17 countries yet to visit. And today I’m 27 years 4 months old. It leaves me with 32 months left. If we divide 32 months by 17 countries I’ll have to visit almost two countries each month in order to complete the challenge. It’s a lot, especially taking into account that the pandemic is not over yet.

I have some ideas on how to combine several countries within a single trip. I’m grouping countries by geography and based on my personal preference. The main precondition here is that all the borders are open, and I have enough money to travel this much.

1 – Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki)
2 – Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Vienna)
3 – Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg
4 – Switzerland (Zurich), Liechtenstein (Vaduz)
5 – Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade)
6 – Turkey (Istanbul), Greece (Athens)
7 – Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon)

The last trip is a bit strange because the countries are far from each other. I can’t miss them though.

 65   2021