I ordered a Starlink kit to be delivered to Ukraine

Just after the war started, I decided to order a Starlink kit. I had no idea whether Starlink is actually shipping their kits to Ukraine for the residential use. At that time I was only aware of the shipments happening for military purposes. Nevertheless, I decided to go for it and eventually placed my order on March 12, 2022.

Long story short, I received the kit in May. Below I wanted to outline the timeline and the process behind for those who are interested.

March 12

March 16

You placed a deposit of $99 for a Starlink kit. The remainder of the kit cost is $500 including taxes. Please respond to this ticket with “#orderPaid” if you would like to complete your order for Starlink and pay in full.
If you are unable to afford the remaining kit cost of $500 right now, respond with “#orderDiscount” and we will waive the remaining cost. At this time we do not offer partial refunds or payment plans.
You can also choose to cancel your order for a full refund of your deposit on your account page.

So I asked to waive the remaining cost. I’ve paid $99 so far.

March 18

April 20

April 30

I changed the delivery address to the nearest Nova Poshta depot.

May 11

Got a delivery by Nova Poshta.

The end.

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