Product and service reviews

I’ve always been that guy who pays a lot of attention to product or service reviews when making a buying decision. For me, reviews have always been such a nice indicator that made my life so much easier.

Lately I have changed my attitude regarding this. If you read reviews carefully it becomes crystal clear that lots of them are fake. No one would sit and draft a long review with a handful of super exquisite adjectives describing how great the experience of using a particular product has been. If one wanted to write a review it honestly would be very consise, dry, and, most probably, with some grammar mistakes and emojis. In short, real reviews would look like they’re written by a regular human being, not a copywriter.

Therefore, I now expect the same, moderate level of emotions and effort being put into the reviews I read anywhere on the internet. And in case I feel like the reviews are written in a “try hard” manner, I instantly lose trust in them. It actually sucks big time, because now I’m having troubles looking through marketplaces as my primary filtering behavior, meaning filtering by customer reviews, is no longer valid for me.

 29   2021