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Tinder Stats

A friend of mine received his Tinder Insights infographics.

I’ve found there a few interesting, though quite logical, Tinder benchmarks:

  • Women swipe right on average in 8% of cases, while for men it’s 21%.
  • Women match with 44% of people they swipe right on, while men have a match rate of 2.9%. Quite a huge difference, huh?
  • Women swipe 99 times per day, while men swipe 122 times, on average.
  • Both women and men swipe right more frequently (3-5% more) now than before the COVID-19 pandemic.
 48   5 mo  
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Volodymyr Vasylyna 4 mo

Just for the record, I’ve got my stats spanning over the last 19 days of the current usage:
3.7% swiped right
3.6% match rate
792 swipes per day on average. I really need to find some other things to do.