Hustle culture and working time

I’ve been annoyed by a so-called hustle culture for a long time now. I keep hearing people saying something like, “Ughh, I was working for 12 hours everyday seven days a week for several months, with no vacation.” If someone says so, they are either lying, or using a wrong wording here. Actual “work” has nothing to do with it here. I don’t believe one can work, as in work requiring a creative output, for that long.

Read this book: Deep Work by Cal Newport

More to that, I’m not sure humans who are involved in knowledge work are capable of working even eight hours a day. Deep work demanding a high extent of focus and concentration is really not a joke. Four-six hours of such extensive activity will exhaust anyone pretty badly.

In general, the whole overworking and workaholism thing seems to be just a myth reinforced by youtubers aiming to hype and/or generate a tone of views and money.

 44   2021